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Practitioner Daniel Pignotti
Alternative Cardiac Specialist

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Spiritual Cultivation - Bodily Perfection - Breathing for Health
Healing Modalities:
Chi Nei Tsang / Integrated Internal organ massage.
Acupuncture without needless
Nero Fossil Massage
Medical Qigong
Meridian Massage
Turbo Acupressure
Private Classes Available

Member of the Associated Body-work & Massage Professionals and (Wisconsin) State licensed.
Formal Instructors: Master Mantke, Gilles Maren and Dr Angela Woo (Head of Chinese Medicine at San Francisco State and sits on the Acupuncture Board of California).

Ancient Tao Healing Arts
Chi Nie Tsang
The Keys To longevity
massage energy meditation

Practitioner Daniel Pignotti is a connectic energy massage organ specialist. Through this treatment stagnate energy and stagnate undigested emotions are released. His integrated internal organ massages can strengthen the digestive system, circulatory system respiratory system .immune system. This treatment detoxifies your internal organs and strengths the immune system and resistance to diseases.. Chi Nie Tsang is recommended before and after surgery.

"Smooth out and massage away the emotion roller-coaster." Daniel Pignotti
Photography by Jim
Practitioner Daniel Pignotti was used for the following services.

Scoliosis: lateral curvature of the spine
Emotion Therapy Cardiac Massage Energy Analysis
Pre-Surgery Massage Stroke Massage Energy massage
Breathing Disorders Digestive Massage Migraines
Thyroid Energy Balancing Kidney Massage Depression
Nervous System Massage Liver Massage Carpal Tunnel
Meridian Massage Lung Massage TMJ
Spastic Colon Spleen Massage Asthma
Circulation Massage Prostate Massage Cystic Fibrosis
Fibro Myelga Lymph Massage Bronchitis
Nero Fossil Massage Needless Acupuncture Chest Pain

What Is Chi Nei Tsang?

With every thought there is an emotion, either positive or negative, which directly influences the physical and mental state of well being. A balanced healthy person is not just physically fit or mentally agile, but is someone who is able to recognize and deal with their emotions without disrupting and / or damaging the internal bodily functions.
Taoists have the option that each organ is associated with different emotions (See Table Below) and the functional state of an organ. For example, if someone is emotionally and physically balanced, then "feel good" emotions )eg. anger and hatred) are stored within the associated organs, then functional activity of these organs will be disrupted. This in turn may disrupt other connecting organs and energy pathways and influences behavior patterns accordingly.
Many physical and mental health problems are thought to relate to negative emotions stored within the organs. Chi Nei Tsang aims to remove negative emotions and replace them with positive emotions, which can restore the physical state of well being.

A testimonial by one of Daniel Pignotti patient's, George Karls:
In 1985 i had a sever heart attack at which time I lost 25% of my heart and 80% of my lung capacity. Two lung specialist examined me and found they could do nothing. Little did I know that my right lung had quit working. Got along the best I could this way for fifteen years.
I am happy to report after 7 treatments I am off of my oxygen that I had used for two years.
It is so easy for me to breath now. I can take a deep breath something which was unheard of just 7 weeks ago.
Thank you!

"Practitioner Daniel Pignotti"

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