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From the begining of life primary processes are present in the mind and it is only during the course of life that secondary processes unfold, and come to inhibit and overlay the primary ones.

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Kenosha, Wisconsin Business Links

Computer Adventure
Computers, printers and software.
6201-22nd avenue Kenosha, WI 53143
Phone: (262) 654-5501 Fax: (262) 654-6882

Beef Ribs, Catfish and chicken.
7613 Sheridan Road Kenosha, WI 53143
Phone: (262) 657-8350 Fax: (262) 657-8356

Gyros & Heroes
hot Sandwiches & Entrees
7623-Sheridan Road / Phone: (262) 657-4403

Phone: (847) 599-0471 Cell: (847) 845-1859

Dam Balmes
Home & Family Insurance
Phone : (262) 697-9510 Fax: (262) 697-1004

ASPHALT PAVINGAnd everything that goes with it
A qualified and dedicated crew.

Tap Construction
Call Steve @ 262-657-4675

Rajon Construction L.L.C.
Top-soil dirt, grading and bob-cat services.
6340-10th avenue kenosha WI 53143
Phone# (262) 657-7665 Fax (262) 658-2139
Cell phone# (262) 620-4270

Family Options
Funeral & Cremation Services, LLC Phone: 262-554-6533

CD Ware-house
Phone 262-942-9400

Acoustic Soloist: Tommy Boy
Private Parties ~ Picnics ~ Sing alongs
Tom Anderson
(847) 409-9326

Cyndi Kollath
Legal Support Services

Wawiorka's Frontier
Trees-Shrubs-Evergreens-Retaining Walls
James Wawiorka 262-857-7119

"Mr G's" Bar & Grill
The best place to meet your friends

Click here to forMidnight Melody's
Karaoke & DJ

Mary has over 6,000 songs, from top 40's to present!

Call (262)551-9150 for booking info or click HERE to E-mail Mary

World Class Karaoke
REX RIZZ (262) 637-9311 ext. 228

Superior Exteriors

Tear offs, Re-Roofs, Seamless Gutters, Power Washings
FREE estimates 262-694-4434

Linda Drenge
technologies consultant

Spencer's Mobile Truck Repair
Gas, Diesel and on-site tire repair.
Home phone # 262-942-8828 cell phone # 262 945-2637

Jensen Towing
24 hour Towing
Kenosha 262-694-1818, Silver Lake 262-889-2099

American Locksmiths
24 hour emergency Service
Kenosha 652-6528, Silver Lake 652-6528

CJ Tattoos & Body Piercing
To Book a Party call Mike Or Janie
847-623-2173 or 847-623-2195

Blue Bird Motel
Phone: (262) 552-8510
779 Sheridan Road Kenosha WI 53140-1150

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Ancient Tao Healing Arts
Chi Nie Tsang
Practitioner Daniel Pignott
Tao Healing Temple
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Pictures Ancient One Poems Bonsai Trees Mike Cooper Our Products Site Map
Art Articles Wolf Story Ancient Healing Art Down-Loads Stories Testimonials About Us

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