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A unified fellowship suppling a forum for the arts

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We help financially stressed artistic impressionist.
By using all of our resources we get artistic impressionists noticed. For example, look what we have done for Mike. He is an artist who had no desire to be left behind just because he has no knowledge about the Internet. Someone like you who knows about this Web-site directed him to us.
Now Mike has an online gallery.

Some artist do not even want to own a computer because it would take away from their time to develop their artistic abilities. We help these types of impressionist by displaying their talents on our Web-site and in our hardcopy magazine.

If you know of an artist who needs an internet marketing strategy or a little encouragement please tell them about us!

For better understanding about this ships crew and it's destination please read the following pages.

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About Us:
"Le Fleur Sauvage" is an original collection of tapestries blooming with artistic impressions of its worldwide members’ free-spirit. With the assistance of our member’s creative imagination, we are collectively working together building a continuously improving network to support “Le Fleur Sauvage” goals.

Our goals are:
1. To supply a forum for, original writers, artist, singers, musicians and various other talents. In result, we have blended these together to create a multinational Web-Site that brings yet unseen talent into focus!
2. To supply a personal link between Le Fleur Sauvage members and the people who appreciate their work. (Feedback)
3. To construct a world wide communication paths for cultivating artistic interaction with the intention promote their undiscovered talent.
Through this partnership we are exploring and learning new innovated strategies to effectively secure the actualization of these goals. We have made ““Le Fleur Sauvage” a launching pad for our members creativity.

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Publish your original work (you still have complete and full rights to the artistry you submit)to be displayed on the "Le Fleur Sauvage" Web Site @ !

Directions on how to get your artistry published!
IMPORTANT: For us to publish your work you must send us two things:

1) Your original artistry. 2) Your signed certification.
Attach the following certificate to your artistry and send it to Le Fleur Sauvage, PO BOX 322, Kenosha WI, 53141-322.

“I hereby certify that my poem which has been selected for publication by "Le Fleur Sauvage" @, is my own original work and that it has never been published, or if previously published, that I am the sole copyright owner. I hereby authorize its publication by "Le Fleur Sauvage" @

Then autograph it (hand sign it). (We can not publish your work without your signature!)

Note: This example is for poetry but it could be used for music or art of any kind artistic impression. Just replace the word “poem” and replace it with what you want published on the "Le Fleur Sauvage" Web-Site!

Make sure you hand sign it and include $23.33 for our Web design staff.
$20 membership & $3.33 Shipping fee for membership certificate.

“Le Fleur Sauvage” reserves the right for approval"

You can also pay using paypal. YES CLICK HERE and pay on-line. Double clicking here activates this link. CLICK HERE TO PAY ON_LINE!

If you can not pay this fee and you qualify for assistance we will publish your artistry for FREE!

THANK YOU!!! With out your generous donations this site would not be possible! : )

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A unified society with the commitment to supply a forum for undiscovered talent.

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Art Articles Wolf Story Ancient Healing Art Down-Loads Stories Testimonials About Us

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Please read our disclaimer.

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