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Rick Sentieri's Fantasy Magazine can help you to be a nicer person and as a result you may spread love.This is the place where reality is completely and most definitely out of the question. click link below to search site:
Since 1996 Rick Sentieri continues to provide a free view web site
Our mission brings together a unified society with the commitment to supply a forum for undiscovered talent. Rick Sentieri, Publisher.
We help to bring dreams to life. By assisting artist with publishing and marketing their artistry. Contact us if you any questions about our services.
Come on in!
Free downloads of poetry and music. Discover a snake that enjoys taking photographs. Read about a mouse that is a chauffeur or read Ancient Ones Articles about astral-projection.
Your mission is here is to enjoy the fruits of knowledge!
We invite you to roam about and rediscover this fantasy world!
Read or listen to: Rick’s
LOVE POETRY  Rick s poetry are soulful words and moonlight rhymes that set sail into endless times. Ancient One
Click here to watch Rick’s Music Videos
For $10.00 you can get your copy of Zongzi s Journey. written by Rick. With this paranormal love story Rick pulls you to the outer rhelms of spiritual love. The 132 page journey follows Zongzi to his ladylove, Jane. Though poetry and words you are introduced to Sandy, the local witch who makes wine. Also, a wolf, renegade house mouse and old war veteran. Click here and find out more about the author of Zongzi’s Journey.Want a FREE copy just ask:)

Lisa from Wisconsin says, Finally getting the website up & running! I am pleased to announce Concerts for a Cure. If you know of anyone with cancer or who is a cancer survivor, I honor them in this journey. please click here for more info :)

 click here: Richard Sentieri’s “Zongzi’s Journey is on Amazon!!!! download this epic story to you Kindle”

Hello! My name is Rick Sentieri and I want to welcome you to my Fantasy Magazine:) May the blessings of abundant love surround you with universal tenderness. May good fortune flow through your veins and pull you to back to the tranquil pool of bliss. Thank you very much for visiting
Please click here check out my free download page:) SEE ME SING AND PLAY HARMONICA IN PERSON : EVERY SUNDAY NIGHT’s at PJ’s Cabin Fever in Kenosha WI
Click here and look for the buy now button to buy Zongzi s Journey
Yes we showcase great artist like this one ... here is the best harmonica player EVER

Anyone can be a star CLICK HERE To find out more about the Rick Sentieri Karaoke Show Where you are always welcome! I will continue to update and include a network of web sites that provide invaluable services.

Embracing Wonders
Listen to the Soul answer all the whys.
Learn to become whole. Reach for the sky.
See all the reasons, all that we need.
Bask in the seasons. Live happy and free.
Nothing but sunshine. Hearts of love grow strong.
Together they'll chime. Let us all sing along.
To find the truth we'll sail across the sea.
In tune with natures peace and harmony.
Touch of tenderness it is what will be.
Forever united in our belief
Sharing fortunes of love, souls glisten and fly away.
We are the reflection of the choices we have made.
Embracing wonders, helping others along the way.
Embracing wonders, cherishing our life everyday. Embracing Wonders was written by
Rick Sentieri

Click here to find out more about Rick’s book “Zongzi’s Journey”

The following videos were recorded in 2009-2011 for World Stage Karaoke Showcase. This show can be seen on channel 14 in Kenosha, Wisconsin. You can also download the shows from The Caveman’s Fire video’s were recorded at the Brat Stop.

 Writers information: Find a editor, publisher or a literary agent author Hot for words

Want to understand the REAL WORD
Pastor Melisa Scott will show you how to understand the message of love.

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click here for one of the largest collections of poetry      a gift of poetry is a gift from the heart

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