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Rick Sentieri's Fantasy Magazine
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How you can help!
You can always help this web site by helping others in any way that you can!
If you know of a starving artist inform them how we can assist them. We can showcase their artistry or instal a link to their site!
Who knows you might help to discover the next Edgar Allen Poe!
Any donation over $20.00 will receive a gift!
Donate by using your credi card or PAYPAL! Use these following links to make online donations:
$1.00 help us $2.00 help us $3.00 help us $4.00 help us $5.00 help us $6.00 help us $7.00 help us $8.00 help us $9.00 help us $10.00 help us $15.00 help us $20.00 help us $25.00 help us $30.00 help us $35.00 help us $40.00 help us $45.00 help us $50.00 help us $60.00 help us $70.00 help us $80.00 help us $90.00 help us $100.00  $10,000

Need information on how to make a donation?
Rick Sentieri

There are other ways you can support the artists who are found here at Le Fleur Sauvage.
How can you do this?
Purchase their artistry.

Help out the artist by commenting on their works!
* Include the work of artistry that you are commenting on.
How? Fill out
feedback-form. Or vote
Constructive criticism is always welcome!

We value your opinion!
Help this web site running smoothly by reporting any bad links!
Help Wanted!: We are looking for translators for our International Magazine.

Membership Details
We have a lot in store for our ACTIVE members!
What is in store for this month? Poetry and short stories readings by Rick. Chat meetings to be held for elected officers. Topics include; range from how to increase membership and what pictures to use for our magazine. We are also deciding our format for our next magazine issue. In addition to all this we have to decide on what type of flower will be on the cover of this years HARDCOPY issue of "Rick Sentieri’s Fantasy Magazine". Also: Selection of Le Fleur Sauvage artist of the year awards.
New members are needed to start working on our latest project. The story-line for the adventures of Marty the Mole! The character description is still in the infant stages. In addition, members are needed to work on chapter three of Land of no Right. Someone!! Anyone!!! Comes forward to help!!!!!!! Moreover, if you are selected to CO-write your membership level automatically is levitated! We are also looking for original artists that will illustrate this sites' poetry and stories. One of our members is currency putting music and melody to Boo Hoo's Poetry! You will soon see how this is a great way to get to work with other talented artist and share your ideas.

Help this site by participating in our link and banner contest!

Design a banner and we wil display it here for others to download!
Design your own banner and have a chance on winning two tye-dyed tee-shirts!
Link & Banner contest details: The banner or link that drives the most traffic to this site is the winner.
Thank you for your support!

Or you can...

Help us to think of other ways to make our network of artistry please let us know:)

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Rick Sentieri

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Rick Sentieri’s Fantasy Magazine
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