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..welcome to:
Rick Sentieri’s Fantasy Magazine
Please inform us on how we can make your voyage more pleasurable.
Forever is a moment of love...

HELLO! :) "I like to welcome you aboard. So leave your troubles on the shore.
Sit back, relax and enjoy the cruise. As we sail across the sky of blue.
We're setting course to every bright star. Share memories we'll keep in our hearts.
Together on a journey of love. Soaring high on the wings of a dove."
Captain Rick
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artista d'assistenza dell'artista
Who are the other passengers aboard? What is our mission? Where are we going to?
Passengers already on board include writers, photographers and artists.
Also on board are web masters, marketers and publishers brought together to assist the artistic impressionist to achieve their goals.
Our mission: To satisfy all your senses! Our destination: "The Island Of Infinity!"
Find out how you can help us reach this destination

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Message from the Editor: ANCIENT ONE
Organizing this exhibition and solving the strange glitches by our hardworking staff is truly a labor of love.
Thanks to the support from our sisters and brothers from all over the world, we are able to continue to provide this diversified Island of Artistic Impressions. We never expected the the international community to be so sincere and loving. This relationship has only just begun.
However, we did expect to have a direct and monumental impact on procuring artistic talents. Visitors have taken their time to fill out the feedback form providing instant constructive criticism. This personal attention has resulted in virtually perfect relationships between the artist and their potential customers. The option to know the inspirations and other stories behind the artistic impressions can give a clear and more definitive appreciation to the art itself.
With the various impressionists including our latest members
World Stage KaraokeKenosha Underground and local live events we have flourished exceeding all of our projected goals.
Originally conceived with the vision to supply a forum for artistic talent has grown to include time saving links.
You will be amazed by the informative and entertaining web-sites that are found here at
If you need advice or help with anything we consider it our responsibility to provide relief.
With your patronage also comes the responsibility to provide what you want, keeping your needs top priority.
We accept this responsibility and by direction of your feedback, that fuels our continuous interior renovations, we will make it happen.
Sincerely, Sarah Jones Publishing Editor

Rick “Boo Hoo” Sentieri
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“I truly liked the story. I don’t know how to describe it but this story left me speechless. Perhaps someone might help me with the correct words.” Abigal D
“After I read the first page, I had to read the rest.” Chris W
“Can’t wait to read the next installment!” Jennifer S

Rick Sentieri’s second book: Zongzi’s Journey
Purchase Zongzi’s Journey Today!
Free Shipping Free Shipping Free Shipping Free

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Read or listen to Rick recite his LOVE POETRY
Soulful words and moonlight rhymes set sail into endless times. Ancient One

The Kenosha Underground
The inside news on local bands and community events.

Randal John Sentieri

A Barfly’s Angie Strawberry.
This is an amazing story written by a barfly. It is an fly’s wide eyed wittness account of the abduction of Tommy Jon Sentieri.
This thrilling story also tells you why Angie Strawberry came to America.  You will also learn about Charlie’s intense training.

Click here to see some pictures I took!
One day I woke up and said to myself:
“Hey why isn't there any snake photographers?”

Herman” Peanuts.
Did Peanuts murder the only black squirrel in town? Was it because Herman was to receive the “Poet Of The Year” award? Was Bonsai in on this dastardly plot?
In this story Peanuts explains his side of the story. You decide for yourself. Then let us know if you believe Peanuts story.

“The Bonsai Story” by Hellcat.
Learn about a wolf that runs wild. How he was trained by using stare down techniques.
Hellcat’s eyewitness account is breathtaking.

& drain your negative energy.

Tao Healing Art
Healing From Within

Just like you and me, poems live and breathe:)

Poetry Links LOVE POETRY

Hello, my name is Rick and I am a poet living in Kenosha. Growing up in a large family has helped me to understand how priceless moments are. Poems are mementoes of moments. Words of wonder, passion and strife can stitch shared moments. Poetry melds our minds with thought provoking descriptions, colors and wild blossoms. People do realize how poetry can help us to cope with life’s challenges. Through times of happiness, stress or depression, poetry reflects the inner-imagery. Developing self-expression and communication skills helps out everyone to become closer. We are in this together and poetry can help us through it all.

Have a great day!

Rick Sentieri’s e-mail address:

Participate COME TO A HOW
Come and have a BLAST AT: Sentieri Karaoke "Where you are the star:)

Videos were recorded LIVE on location by: REX RIZZ
Click here to find out more about WorldStageKaraoke.
Rex Rizz records your live performance. Then go to his web site and download your song.
Come to the show and see how a smile is contagious! Rex’s shows attract beautiful people.
So come and joins us where anyone can be a STAR.

Who you looking at?

Comming soon: The aventures of Wild Erp the grumpy spider.

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"Thank you for your
donations and support.ame Rick Sentieri’s Fantasy Members and Staff
Pamela Pietragalla Stewardess of passenger affairs

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