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Love poems by Rick Sentieri
A poet who lives in Kenosha WI
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Just thinking of You

Watching whitecaps roll into the ocean of blue. With a smile on my face just thinking of you.
The sweet memories, the tender moments we've shared. They caress me like the soft breeze that fills the air.
The loving feeling I get when I hold your hand. The summer night when we walked in the sand.
Waves splashing on the rocks along the shoreline. Brings tears to my eyes knowing that your mine.
Sharing a love like ours my happy heart sighs. Watching the violet clouds carelessly floating by.

Written on 5/23/2000

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mon ange

To say I love you comes so easy to say.

Kissing your lips brightens my day.

I carry your love with me where ever I go.

It’s planted in my heart where our love grows.

My thoughts are filled with visions of you.

They keep me happy because I know this love is true.

Your eyes warm my soul with your touch so tender.

I pray to the Lord above that I feel like this forever.

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Your eyes are so beautiful, so blue.
You can break my heart if you have to.
Can you please come out
with me to the dance?
Please! Jane please,
give me a chance.

I will never leave you wanting more.
Everything about you I do adore.
I wait for the day we are joined as one.
And together we will have so much fun.

Tonight as always, I think of you.
No one can love me the way you do.
With tender lips and your
long silky hair.
Emotional bliss in passions' lair.

There is nothing left to prove to me.
I long to dance with destiny.
Just as I told the Lord above.
It's only you I could ever love.

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les fleur sauvage

No matter how hard I pray, you haven't been around.

I need to look into your eyes and you're nowhere to be found.

I have tried everything to get you next to me.

I can feel my heart bleed, your so special, your touch is what I need.

Every day your gone brings loneliness to me.

My soul is trapped and only you can set me free.

I can’t wait to have my arms around you.

What a night that will be to share a love so true!

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de toute mon aim

Before you left,
I forgot to thank you for opening my eyes.
For making me feel so alive.
If you were here right now,
Iíd kiss you for being my Queen.
For making me believe in dreams.
I canít wait to hold you and kiss your lips,
such desire.
Itís setting my soul on fire.
I canít wait to see your beautiful face.
Feel your magic touch.
Look in your eyes, I love so much.
Thanks for every little thing youíve done.
That wonderful night.
Nothing has ever felt so right.
Thanks for giving me the best memory of my life!

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Everyday your sunshine brightens my day.
Sharing years, good times and the tears.
Your a cool fresh rain,
bringing life to my dry, desert plain.
I believe we will always be.
Together our love will last forever.
In your arms so tight,
passionately embracing in the moon light.
From the start, loving you with all my heart.
I see why by looking into your eyes.
Loving you shows me how beautiful my life can be.

Don't Let Go

The tender comfort of her early morning embrace.
Kissing her soft lips while she holds my face.
Waking up with her, life is at it's best.
To be still together we are surly blessed.
Something she could do from the start.
Her smile turns the key to my heart.
Along with everything that disappears.
Her touch releases all my fears.
My longing fulfilled to have her close to me.
With her dreams in her eyes, she gives her all to me.
In the light of dawn with her head on my shoulder.
She cuddles up closer and I gently hold her.
Lying there stroking her hair she says, "Don't let go."
Something my heart had told me a long time ago.

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My Heart Is Yours.

Ever since we shared our first kiss.
I have been floating in a dream of sweet bliss.
Those lips that wrap your sweet smile.
Your tender kisses that still drive me wild.
Your soft touch such a work of art.
It gives me joy that echoes throughout my heart.
The caring soul that's' inside you
gets me through all those days colored so deep blue.
A love so strong beautiful as a flower
giving me memories I will cherish forever.
Time and time again you have been there for me.
Truly my best friend who's love set me free.

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