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I want to suck your blood

Vampires are livingwell and contributing to society!

Vampires have learned to use their position, wealth and government officials to allow them to live in comfort. Today, 84% of vampires feed mostly on wild animals' blood. The reason is the flavor of a free and unbroken life source. Privately owned blood banks supply only 13% of the today's vampires with heated, uninfected fresh blood.

These life fluids are a substitute, but cannot be compared to the exhilarating and passionate effect of blood from a live human. The 3% hierarchy vampires still gets their blood from human victims.

The vampire uses the typical technique of befriending his prey, then disillusions them with promises of immortality. Today's vampire does not kill aimlessly, and there is a trend of "want-to-be" victims. "Want-to-be" victims are humans who offer themselves to the vampire.

1962 had the most accounts of vampire related deaths since the dark ages, and 16% of the victims were "want-to-be" victims. Since then, this percentage has more than doubled to 34%, and by the year 2,000, 50% of the vampires prey are projected to be "want-to-be" victims.

Why are the "want-to-be" victims increasing? Some say that today's technology has cultivated a spiritual awakening throughout the world. With this, increased interaction between cultures, exchanging ideas via Internet, has educated people to be more open minded. This communication age has stimulated the subconscious to surface, confusing our perception of reality. Some grow stronger because of the increase of self awareness, others become more vulnerable.

You can see the disorientation with self awareness and spirituality in today's cults, convincing members to take their own lives. As history proves that the strong survived and the weak were preyed upon. Hiding behind religious fallacies, these vultures wait for their prey to grow weak.

So the false prophets, feeding on thirsty souls, take advantage of a life source who longs to be set free to breath the air of immortality.

Vampires have waited for this to come! Prophecy has predicted the evolution of the human spirit. And with this realization, the consciousness has grown desperate. The soul substance feels trapped inside of a tomb and needs to be set free. Analysts say that these trends of desperation correlate, not only because of global communication, but also to the subconscious realization of the Quickening.

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