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picture by Mike Cooper
A Barfly's Destiny
The rescue of Alexander Napoleon Crocket.
Written by Angie Strawberry

Chapter One: A Barfly with a purpose.
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Hello, my name is Angie Strawberry and I am a Barfly. I am in no way like the other Barflies, mostly because they can not see how short their life span will be.
I was born in England with an inner knowledge of knowing that I would not live long! Meaning I knew that my life could end at any time without warning. Why flies live such a short life, the answers are in the stars.
At this moment that I am speaking to you now, I am nearing my last breath. This tired fly has to go. At least I lived a very full life.
Yes, this old fly has come very far. From over the ocean, miles and miles of adventurous travel, I came from my homeland to hear a crooner named Jim Morrison sing. Let me tell you my journey was definitely worth it!
Nevertheless, to understand all that has come to be, I will start at the beginning.
The few memories of my childhood are best forgotten especially. I did not like crawling on my belly as a maggot.
Born as a parasite I never met my parents and I almost died my first day of life. Luckily, I found desperately needed nourishment right at the moment when I thought I never would. I was a young hungry maggot just about to dry up when I found a dead mouse. Yes I had a difficult childhood.
However, one memory I cherish the most happen one bright summer day. Ah, what a grand day it was! The day I got my wings and told all the other maggots' "Good-bye".
From the moment I flew out of a hole in the wall, I knew that I was going to go places!
After growing tired of the thrill of flying around I quickly decided that my favorite place to hang-out would be at a Pub. I heard of these places growing up inside of the wall. It seemed everyone like going to Pubs.
After that was decided, my first priority was to decide on my purpose in life. I did not waste any time and decided my propose is to decide on all my other favorites.
Favorites meaning the things I admire the most, and I knew I was in no position to be fussy. Ever minute is so precious when you know you know you only have a few days to live.
It was easy to decide on my favorite Pub because it was the nearest one and the door was wide open for me to fly right in. Just like anyone else would do, I flew around and buzzed a few folks just past their ears. Then I settled on the wall listening to radio.
Music was playing and the crooner sang along with the sweet melody. The music bonded with me. My thoughts stop and for a moment, the crooner seems to whisper to me.
He whispers, "Angie". The crooner repeated and whispered again, Angie.
That took care of what my name would be and that is how I got my first name, Angie.

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Written by Angie Strawberry

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