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The following story "Herman" was published in the UK in the September issue of Comrade! "Herman"
This is a sad story about a black squirrel.
This story is written by a mouse named Peanuts.

"Bonsai Story"
A story about Zongzi and a Wolf.
Written byHellcat

"Please purchase Zongzi's Journey"
"is a hip and soulful trip to the outer reaches of spiritual love."
Written by
Rick Sentierii

"Shiva"The Princess of the Dark tells her story.
Written by Pamela Pietragalla

"A Barfly's Destiny"
A Barfly's unbelievable story about the rescue of Alexander Napoleon Crocket.
Written by
Rick Sentierii

"Twisted Road"
A lonely story about a desperate child.
Written by
Rick Sentierii

"Farmer's woods"
Read about youngsters trying to have a good time.
Written by
Rick Sentierii

Click on "Hello" to read the first story on this site!
"Hello" Read about ”What comes around goes around.
Written by
Rick Sentierii

Have you ever met some one that changed your life?
"My Friend Kenneth"
Written by Michael Woyan
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