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love sayings, quotes and inspirational essays

Michael Woyan

Paint You Blue

Because We Were Here

This Flesh and Me
Sadness Shared

Spinfro Tollfree
My Soul

What If

Stephanie M. Lawson
Approaching Death

Wee-wille Wilson
The Cellar

Lion Dad
Bright Sunny Day in Helll

Voices in the Dark

Rick Sentieri
Silver Train

Bar Floor Crawl


Missing her again

Too Late

Heavy Metal Queen

Evil Eater

Slow Down

Stellar Warrior

My Eternal Soul

Prisoner Of Reality


Rapid Fire

Future Love

Sky Rider

Blood for Blood


Late at Night

The Trip

The Pit

The Griffin

Love Talk

Number One Lick

I'm Alive

She's Mine


Bone Dry

Shot in the Night

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