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Slick Sammy ... Photography

Art Gallery who Local Art what sculptures & Wearable Art

America’s Midwest Rocks
Milwaukee’s Music Scene
Shudder   Made From Nothing   MAJOR CHASOS   One Day Criminal   Sleep Comes Down

BLUES MUSIC with style SOUL PIGS & Blue Hand

Leslie Mendez..musica Salsa muy bien!

DIE MONSTER DIE Kenosha's Gothic Musical Four Piece Ensemble!

Mike Copper ...Artist comic relief Mandalay

Fantasy Art Display

Catadoxas Original Artistic Expressions

Spinfro ...Poet / Vocalist unrealeased Stormy Weather is a smooth ride musical ensemble

FS ...Original Rock Band           Mario plays box guitar

Samurai's Bonsai trees ..Learn about Bonsai Trees from the master!

Chief Ancient One ..Spiritual Investigator

Television's ...
Lost In Space"

Local Talent Show Kenosha Underground

Blue Balls ...A kick-a** 3 piece Metal Band

SURE SHOT ..Country Musical Band

Kickin Kountry ..Country Musical Band

Betty Jean & The Country Express

Trench ...Musical Band (heavy metal)

Keith ..Artist


Donny Eacho..Artist

I wrote "Shiva" the princess of the dark..Pamela Web-Site Director

Rick Sentieri...Author /Poet /Photographer /Harmonica Player/Vocalist: Cosmic Translator

James..Photographer:..Clickhere to see a picture he took!

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