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The following is:
"The Bonsai's Story"
Chapter 3 "Screaming like a Banshee"
Written by Hellcat
The love you need you always had.

This Picture was taken on the north side of Kennedy Drive, Kenosha, Wi
These pictures and more are included in the Bonsai Calendar.

Bonsai and Zongzi
Click on picture for full size. Photography by Rick Sentieri
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The Bonsai Story
Written by Hellcat
Les Fleur Sauvage Staff Writer.

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The following day I told Zongzi that he would be staying over at my house, at least through the winter. He said he would be glad to and then he informed me on how cold he was last night. He went on and said that it was so cold in his van that he could feel his brain beginning to freeze.
Bonsai and Zongzi quickly became at home at my residence. They moved into the basement and I did not have any problems with them at all. Everyday Bonsai got bigger and bigger. Zongzi continued with Bonsai extensive training that included strengthening their psychic interconnection to one another.
At various times of the day, Bonsai and Zongzi would sit facing each other. It was like watching a intense stare down contest, (where two people stare at another until one turns away or gets distracted).
Bonsai and Zongzi would sit like this for hours! They would almost remain motionless. Bonsai would shift his ears show his teeth and growl, Zongzi would do the same in return. Zongzi would shout out, Bonsai would bark as if answering. But for the most part they seemed to be concentrating on staring deep into another's eyes. I thought Zongzi should treat Bonsai more like a pet and so I became very worried. The stare downs began to disturb me. Therefore, I had to tell Sandy about it.
Sandy lives in the neighborhood and is a close friend of Zongzi's. She and I have become closer ever since we both read Zongzi's story that he wrote, "Zongzi's Strange Journey". In this story, her and me were intense lovers in an alternative time continuum. I think the story is some sneaky way of playing matchmaker and it isn't going to work because Sandy looks right through me like I wasn't even there! Sandy is very intelligent, beautiful and I hope her feelings do not get hurt when she finds out that I think, like Zongzi, she a little strange herself. Well, I am not the only one who thinks she kind of OUT THERE.

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Written by Hellcat
Les Fleur Sauvage Staff Writer.

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