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Scrool down to read "A STORY ABOUT A WOLF."

The Bonsai story is dedicated to the memory of a man who had a heart as big as the ocean.
Jason Sincock 7/6/75-9/8/94

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The following is:
"The Bonsai's Story"
Page 2 of Chapter 1
"A Wish Come True"

Written by Hellcat
Make sure the people you love know it.
Photo taken at South Port beach, Kenosha WI

the last picture of Bonsai
Click on picture for full size. Photography by Rick Sentieri
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The Bonsai Story
Written by Hellcat
Les Fleur Sauvage Staff Writer.

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page 2
Then Irene said, "The parents are so intelligent that I would be surprised if you raised one of these puppies to be able talk."
She then pointed to one of the puppies, (a black puppy with white tip ears) "That black puppy right there is already sold for $700.00!"
Zongzi then shook his head and said, "Wow! I could never afford that".
I knew that was way too much money for Zongzi to come up with. The why me look was too hard for him to hide. At that moment, I wished that I could buy the puppy for him. However, at that moment I did not have the money.
Zongzi informed Irene that he would paint her house or do some type of home improvements in exchange for the puppy.
When she said she was not interested in Zongzi working it off, Zongzi requested that if she changed her mind to give him a call. He then gave her my telephone number.
Again, Zongzi made sure that Irene knew that he really wanted the silver and gray male. The one with the broken ear and reassured her that he would give the puppy a good home.
Well, later that week I got a call from Irene, she told me to come over with $50.00, and I could have the puppy with the broken ear.
I had the money and I knew Zongzi would pay me back, so I went over and got the puppy. On the way home from Irene's house I stopped and bought some puppy food. I thought the puppy would go to the bathroom in my house, so I tied the puppy outside to a tree. I used a long rope and put his food and water out there for him.
It was Friday night and I went out to have a few beers. I was having so much fun I forgot about the puppy.
The next morning holding my head I answered the back door to find a police woman.
She informed me that the neighbors had called because the dog has been barking all morning long.
The puppy was yelping and he was tangled in the rope that I had tied him up with. I tried to untangle the pup but I ended up taking the pup inside of the house.
Soon as the pup was inside of the house, he crawled up into a ball on the rug by the door. After the little pup was asleep, I went out to my van and turned on my CB (citizen band radio). I turned it to channel 13 and put the word out. I told everyone who was listening that if they see Zongzi, to tell him to come over and get his new puppy!

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Written by Hellcat
Les Fleur Sauvage Staff Writer.

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