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True happiness begins within.
"The Bonsai's Story"
Chapter 3 "Screaming like a Banshee"

Written by Hellcat
Bonsai is not your ordinary canine.

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The Bonsai Story
Written by Hellcat
Les Fleur Sauvage Staff Writer.

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Anyway, Sandy informed me that Zongzi would not hurt Bonsai and that Zongzi, is just being Zongzi, weird.
Then one night following an inner feeling, I secretly followed Bonsai and Zongzi one night. I could not believe how well trained Bonsai was becoming! They left the neighborhood in the direction of the lake. I followed behind far enough so that they would not notice me. When they came to a very busy intersection, Zongzi took out a red bandanna, tied it around his head covering his eyes.
Bonsai then began to carefully lead Zongzi across the street! Bonsai ran out waited patiently for a few cars to pass by then the silvery wolf darted across the street. On the other-side of the street, Bonsai barked three times. Then my blindfolded friend Zongzi crossed the street. A speeding semi-truck came out of nowhere fast honked it's horn just missing Zongzi. I just stood there wearing my face of disbelief when I watched them both make it safely to the other-side of the street.
Then through some thick brush Bonsai cleared a path out for Zongzi. The two disappeared into the dark. When I caught up to them, I saw Zongzi walk across a skinny board that stretched over a small stream. Then this amazing animal barked and growled as he successfully guided Zongzi safely across the stream. Bonsai then continued to lead Zongzi down a twisting path that led to the edge of a high cliff over looking the lake. Bonsai again barked three times as if to inform Zongzi that they had reached their destination. I was close enough behind them that I could see Zongzi stop and take the blindfold off. He then tied the bandanna around Bonsai's head and covered his eyes. Zongzi then pointed to the sky. Then like a madman, Zongzi sprinted toward the edge of the cliff screaming like a banshee! He jumped recklessly into the full-moon and then disappeared into the darkness of the cliff's edge! I just stood there in shock. I started running toward Bonsai screaming his name. He franticly paced the edge of the bluff. Then Bonsai copycat what Zongzi had done. Bonsai charged toward the edge of the bluff. I tried to reach him but I had no chance.
Bonsai then also leaped into the full-moon and disappear into the darkness of the cliff's edge.

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Written by Hellcat
Les Fleur Sauvage Staff Writer.

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