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.Scroll down to read "A STORY ABOUT A WOLF."
The following is:
"The Bonsai's Story"
Chapter 4 "tibdafowzoopu"
Written by Hellcat

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The Bonsai Story
Written by Hellcat
Les Fleur Sauvage Staff Writer.

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Fishy Dream
page 10
Then Zongzi continued to say,
Then while we were catching our breath on the riverbank a very long garden snake slithered up to us. The snake then introduced himself saying,
"Hello my name is Slimey, how was the swim in the river?" I told Slimey that I was not swimming and that I was pulled into the river by that huge large mouth bass. The spirited snake then coiled up, began bouncing up and down, and then said,
"Don't feel bad many people have failed to catch that large mouth bass Come to think of it, I have seen the two of you try before. What is so special about catching that over size fish?"
Sandy, again, my gut feelings were right! Because I have been feeling the vague sensation that Bonsai and I had been there before."
"Yea go on, tell me more." I heard Sandy then say.
I then finished shaving, went into the kitchen, sat at the table with my coffee and requested Zongzi to continue.
Zongzi replied and said that he then informed the bouncing snake that they were from another place. However, the snake quickly replied saying that he already knew where they were from and that he knew where they wanted to go. I asked Slimey how did he know if I didn't know myself. While he bounced higher and higher, Slimley replied saying that there is only one possible destination,
"Over there".
Then snake with a pointing motion with his nose pointed to the other-side of the river and said,
"I am done stretching out so hurry and tie that bandanna around your head!"
I quickly tied the bandanna around my head. Then I heard Slimey instruct Bonsai to hold onto the end of his body very tight. Although I was blindfolded in my mind, I pictured the scene clearly. I could hear Slimey uncoil his body as he jumped over the river and to the other-side. Slimey straightened out his skinny body forming a bridge. Soon as he did this, Bonsai, with one paw directly in front of the other, ran across Slimey's body to the riverbank on the other-side. The warmth of the sun grew cooler and I knew that the sun was going down a lot faster than normal. I was scared at first, but then Bonsai barked three times reassuring me. So I walked lightly stepping on Slimey's body and began to walk over the stream."
Zongzi stopped revealing his dream long enough for Sandy to Say,
"Wow! Why don't I have tripped out dreams like that? Please Zongzi, telling us the rest!"
Zongzi then said,
"It wasn't like walking it was more like skating because of Slimey's skin was so slippery. Then out of nowhere a fruitful fragrance hit me in the face. I raised my head and then a gust of wind blew my bandana off my face. My mind went blank and I started to fall. I kept falling and falling and luckily, before I landed Hellcat woke me up. Sandy, I was sleepwalking again because I ended up out in the garbage dumpster! Yea, on garbage day! If it wasn't for hellcat I would be buried in maggots right about.
"Yea, you mean if it wasn't for Bonsai. He is the one who told me that you were in the dumpster. That wolf saved your life again." I said correcting Zongzi.
I then looked at the clock and saw that I was now running late for work so I hurried out the door. But, before I left I told Sandy to talk some sense into Zongzi. That she has to convince him to take better care of Bonsai and himself before they both get sick.

"I will upload a new chapter real soon so come back to read the rest of the this story!"
The Bonsai Story
Written by Hellcat
Les Fleur Sauvage Staff Writer.

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