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Life is love..
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The following is:
"The Bonsai's Story"
Chapter 4 "tibdafowzoopu"
Written by Hellcat

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The Bonsai Story
Written by Hellcat
Les Fleur Sauvage Staff Writer.

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The Fishy Dream
page 9
The following morning Bonsai woke me up by pulling the blankets off me. He was all excited and barking like mad. Then Bonsai ran over to my window and motioned with his head for me to come over by him. Bonsai then continued barking.
When I walked up to him by the window, in the alley behind my house I saw the garbage truck raising the garbage dumpster off the ground. I looked at Bonsai and he winked at me with both eyes one at a time. Then he stuck out his tongue at me and crossed his eyes and snoted like a pig.
This type of communication baffled me at first however I got message. I looked at Bonsai and said,
"Is Zongzi in the dumpster!"
Bonsai replied by leaning his head back and howling, "OOOOOOOOOOOW"
I tried to whistle to the garbage truck driver however she did not hear me. She just stretched out in the warm morning sunlight holding a cup of coffee.
Bonsai and I then jumped out the window. We ran up to her and I informed her that someone was in the dumpster. The garbage woman ran to the controls and stopped the dumpster just before it dumped its' contents into the truck. She then lowered the dumpster back down to the ground where inside we found Zongzi sleeping soundly.
After we woke Zongzi up and got him out of the dumpster, he thanked us. The garbage woman went back to work and the three of us went back inside my house.
While Zongzi took a shower I fed Bonsai some steak bones and made breakfast. Bonsai ate quickly, lapped up some water and then ran out the backdoor. When Zongzi came into the kitchen and sat at the table I took the biscuits out of the oven. I put them on a plate and smothered them with pork sausage and gray. I then put the plate in front of Zongzi. I was going to say something to force Zongzi to eat but I didn't have to. Zongzi ate everything on his plate and then had seconds.
After breakfast, I started to get ready to go to work. While I shaved, I heard Sandy's voice. Sandy comes over almost every morning to drink coffee with Zongzi. I usually do not listen in on their conversations. However, when I heard Zongzi say,
"Sandy, I was using empty beer-cans for bait in my dream last night!"
I had to listen in.
From sitting in the bathroom, I heard Zongzi inform Sandy that in the beginning of the dream the first thing he realized was that Bonsai was five times his normal size. He said,
"Bonsai was a giant and at the time it seemed like no big thing. Bonsai's size did not startle me until thinking about it when I woke up this morning. There I was sitting down with my back against a tree on a riverbank with Bonsai sitting on my foot. I had a fishing poll in my hands so I started to fish. At first, I was using purple coloring crayons for bait and had no luck catching any fish. I got so frustrated that I tossed an empty beer-can into the river. However before the beer-could even reached the surface of the water a giant largemouth bass sprung out of the water and swallowed it. So on the next cast I used the beer-can for bait. And, BAM, I got that giant bass on line! That bass flung me around so much that I wanted to cut the line! It was so strong that it pulled me into the river! Then the fish spun me around and I was entangled in the fishing line! I began to struggle but it just got me more entangled. I then started to float down the river! Luckily, I managed shout out to Bonsai for help."
Zongzi's voce then became more excited and then he said,
"Sandy, Bonsai was howling his own name while jumping off that high riverbank! It looked like he was flying! And when Bonsai hit the water the splash was so big that it cleared up the whole river long enough for me to jump on Bonsai's back and ride him like a horse back up the high riverbank."
I stopped shaving and looked at myself confusingly in the mirror trying to picture the scene.

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Written by Hellcat
Les Fleur Sauvage Staff Writer.

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