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The following is:
"The Bonsai's Story"
Chapter 3 "Screaming like a Banshee"

Written by Hellcat

To know pain is to know pleasure.

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The Bonsai Story
Written by Hellcat
Les Fleur Sauvage Staff Writer.

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I continued running until I got close to the edge of the cliff. I had a sigh of relief when I looked over the edge. I saw Bonsai and Zongzi sitting on a mound of sand just below the edge of the cliff. Zongzi asked me why I was screaming. I replied saying that I thought Bonsai would get hurt jumping off the cliff.
Zongzi replied saying, "Being blindfolded and to jumping off that cliff is apart of his trust training. We are developing a solid foundation of trust."
I then jumped off the cliff and landed on the sand mound by them. As usual, Bonsai was sitting on Zongzi's right foot. I walked up, patted Bonsai on the head, and then said, "I getting disturbed about all this extensive training."
Zongzi replied saying, "Bonsai loves to train and learning new things!"
With Bonsai leading us the three of us, we then jogged along the shoreline. Zongzi then said that if I thought jumping over the cliff was scary and too intense he wondered what I would think about what they were going to do next. I told him not to do anything stupid and that Bonsai is not training to be a mercenary. He then told me that if I did not want to watch to leave them alone. We stopped jogging and kind of got into an argument after he said this. However, Zongzi did get me to agree that Bonsai is unique and smart enough no to do something that would hurt him. Then he said the next phase of his training would show me this.
Zongzi and I then watched Bonsai frolicked in the lake before we started back the way we came. When we came back to the foot of the cliff Zongzi told Bonsai to stay. I did not have a clue on what was going to happen. I gave up on trying to figure out Zongzi a long time ago. I grew up with him, read everything he has ever written and I still cannot figure him out!
Zongzi and I then climbed up the face of the cliff and Bonsai stayed at the bottom pacing back and forth. Bonsai looks like he a wild animal when he does this. The face of the cliff is very rocky and steep and it is not easy climbing up it. Nevertheless, Zongzi and I have climbed it plenty of times and it took us about twenty minutes to reach the top.
When we were finally standing on top of the cliff Zongzi yelled down to Bonsai. I looked at Zongzi and said if Bonsai makes it up the cliff that, I would not only mind my own business about the intense training but also by him a six-pack of beer. Hearing this Zongzi's voice got excited and yelled down to Bonsai saying,
"Hup-two! Hup-two! Don't hold back! Our buddy Hellcat said he's going to buy us a six-pack!
Bonsai scaled the face of the cliff like a billy-goat and was sitting on Zongzi's foot in less than five minutes! Bonsai even stopped for a moment to howl at the moon on the large boulder that is about half way up the cliff! He looked so cool standing on that boulder! I could not believe that Bonsai is a rock climber too! Zongzi informed me that for some strange reason Bonsai always stops on that boulder. I replied by telling Zongzi that I would not say anything more about the intense training. Then on the way home we stopped at our neighborhood tavern, Tomorrow California and I bought Zongzi a six-pack of beer.

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Written by Hellcat
Les Fleur Sauvage Staff Writer.

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