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There is nothing in the dark that was not there in the light.
The following is written by: Rick Sentieri
1st Edition 1/4/00
Painting by Don Eacho
Captian Don Eacho died in service for United States of America

Land of no Right
By Rick Sentieri
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Blasting through an atomic glow leaving earth's atmosphere three space shuttles reach safety from complete annihilation. Earthquakes rumble in result from Earth's platonic movements threatening all life on the planet. This disaster naturally eliminates the parasites who have taken Earth for granted. Mother Earth spewing with death slowly spins into the darkness of the black clouds of burning debris.
Hurricanes and tremendous titalwaves mercilessly torment the surface of the fragile planet for several days. Black ash and smoke begins to chokes the existing life and the sun disappears from the sky. Could anyone survive this catastrophic obliteration?
After nine days go by, from out of the smoldering rubble surrounding a genetic laboratory, two men crawl out on their hands and knees. The first to stand up is wearing a green vest and is dressed in camouflage pants. This man also has a survival belt with an assortment of utilities attached to it. Wearing a pair of thick black rubber sole boots and holding a semi-automatic machine gun, he is prepared for almost anything. His name is Leo Lyons. Leo is a muscular man that also has a multicolored tattoo, on his left upper arm, of a geometric symbol.
Leo climbs to the top of a pile of rubble that allows him to see the surrounding area. The other man, climbing from out of the rubble, labors to straighten his body out as if he was awoken from a long night of peaceful slumber. His name is Jon Pasco.
Jon is taller than Leo and he is wearing a golden Arabic head-wrap that covers his face, gold goggles covering his eyes, and sandals. He is also has on brown leather gloves and is dressed in tan garments that looks as if it was made from old rags from the ancient mummies of Egypt.
Jon shields his eyes from the sunburst that becomes visible threw thick black rolling clouds of ash. The floating pieces of ash cast carelessly floating shadows on the remaining brick walls of the skinny alley street.
Jon begins to stagger out of the alley and because his legs are stiff he stumbles in the process. Soon as he is out of the alley Jon leans against a bent streetlight. He claps his hands together and thick black dusty clouds of soot drifts to the ground. Jon then pulls a white cloth out and cleans off his goggles. He opens a small pouch on the back of his leather glove, and silver package slides out. After looking very closely at the package, he then slides it carefully back into the pouch.
Jon then peers slowly around the corner of the building. He sees Leo coming down the alley. When Leo reaches Jon, he asks him to point north. Jon, experiencing an eerie feeling of déjà-vu, raises his hand and points north.
The sunlight becoming more visible through slow rolling black clouds of ash reveal the torn and twisted street. In some places the street had sunk into the ground until it no longer could be seen. The sickening stench and the falling ash make Jon tighten his golden head wrap around his face covering his nose and mouth.
Leo then reveals to Jon that he is a mercenary and for the past several months, he had been training extensively for this mission.
The mission is simple. For him to find Jon, who is a renowned astrobiologist, and take him to the outer-city.

The outer-city is a self-controlled biosphere in space located between the earth and moon. This city is used for a sanctuary for the preservation of animals, insects, and plants. Built purposely in preparation for these disastrous platonic movements to save the various species of life. .
Most of the people who live there are scientist. The ones who had predicted and planed ahead for these catastrophic movements of the Earth's forever changing surface. When these platonic movements have settled enough to again support life they plan to re-establish it on Earth.
Leo was hired by these scientist to rescue Leo. because they need Jon's crucial genetic information to achieve their goal.
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