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Rick Sentieri's Fantasy Magazine
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“Who are the members of Rick Sentieri’s Fantasy Magazine?”
“Rick Sentieri’s Fantasy Magazine” world-wide-web adress is:
It is a International Web-Magazine for original artists of all types! It is separated by "3"divisions and here is an overview:

Question: How do I get started?
Answer: Become a certified member joining one of the following divisions!

The 3 divisions of Rick Sentieri’s Fantasy Magazine:
1. Division one is the foundation consisting of the well appreciated casual member and international magazine distributors.

2. Division two are the elected members who focus our marketing vision and direct its' components.

3. Division three is are all the original writers, artist, actors, models, photographers, and musicians etc; who display their various artistic talents @

The following is a more in-depth detailed description of the three divisions.
Division 1:
Membership fee is $30.33
$27.38 + $2.95 shipping!
Click here and use Paypal. Yes you can pay membership fee online!
Then we will send your Rick Sentieri’s Fantasy Magazine official membership certificate!
Membership fee is $33.33. Membership fee covers membership certification processing and monthly news letter.
Division 1 has two levels.
Division 1 level A: is a casual membership and nothing is required. This membership level is for the stole away. Members on this level may or may not be physically connected. The casual member still plays a very active role. Their feedback crucial.
Division 1 level B: This level consists of regional distributors of the free hard-copy magazine. This magazine is filled with artistic impressions and commentary. With the help of fellow members you learn many aspects of distribution. How to “get the word” out and how to select the proper venue to set up a display case. This magazine when in full bloom is filled with all types of original artists from around the World!
Being apart of this level you will become apart of our world-wide distribution network. The prime ajective is to cultivate interest among non-Internet users.

Division "2":
Membership fee is $51.25
$48.20 + $2.95 shipping!
Click here and use Paypal to pay membership fee online
Membership fee is $51.25 Membership fee covers, interview, membership certification processing, skills assessment, training, placement cost, and monthly news letter.
Division "2" has two levels and deals directly with all the marketing aspects of "Rick Sentieri’s Fantasy Magazine".
Division 2 level A: is for visionaries who specifically develop and implement marketing decisions. They decide on the format and page by page layout of the hard-copy magazine. They also oversee section development and page themes for the Web-Site @
Division 2 level B: consists of marketing managers who develop advertising campaigns, market forecasts, product development, advertising, sales, and follow-up.
This promotional taskforce is currently working on a best poet contest With the winner receiving a free TEE-SHIRT and their poem featured in our "FREE" hard-copy magazine.
Projects on the board: Enhancing the marketing plan to effectively represent our members and their products (poems, stories, CDs, art, etc). This level is also collectively putting together a live cybercast schedule, (cybercasted live from that will include club meetings, poetry readings, dance, music, skits, and a karaoke tour. Maybe even a live talk show with the Ancient One as the host! One of the biggist campains this level is impliementing is distribution of members digital CD recordings. These CD’s will promote members artistry to all corners of the world!

Division "3":
Membership fee is $51.25
$48.20 + $2.95 shipping!
Click here to use Paypal and pay for your membership fee online
Membership fee varies depending on the members individual needs. "Division 3" has two levels.
Division 3 Level A: are writers, editors, graphic designers, artist, etc; who provide support to all projects. This level assists co-members to bring their expressions to life! This level nurtures members in a way that and lets their talents fully blossom!

Division 3 Level B: Thes are the original impressionist from around the world. These Internet users and none-Internet users are directly benefiting from being apart of "Rick Sentieri’s Fantasy Magazine". In addition to having their work displayed in a proper setting other services are included such as links to artists' home page, sales representation, and sales follow-up.
This division is the heart of the club and works with all other divisions to bring members dreams to life.

Thanks for your interest!
"Jim Morrison’s Fantasy Magazine" with the assistance of it's world-wide network, guides members to a shared goal!
We achieve goals that might have otherwise never been actualize.
We would appreciate any comments or opinions to enhance the "Le Fleur Sauvage" experience so please feel free to
Click here to tell us more about yourself!!

Published in the USA by:
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info P e a c e info H o p e
Rick Sentieri’s Fantasy Magazine
A unified fellowship supplying a forum for the arts.
Please give us some FEEDBACK.

"Thank you for your
donations and support.ame Rick Sentieri’s Fantasy Members and Staff
Pamela Pietragalla Stewardess of passenger affairs

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©2010 by Rick Sentieri
All rights reserved.
Disclaimer is a work of fiction. References to real people, events, establishments, organizations, and incidents @ are creations of the author's imagination, and their resemblance, if any, to actual events or persons, living or dead is entirely coincidental. and associates accept no responsibility for any merchandise bought from online stores via these links. No part of of may be digitally stored, reproduced, altered, or disseminated in any form or by any means without written permission.

For Information write to:
Rick Sentieri’s Fantasy Magazine
Kenosha, Wisconsin USA
Please read our disclaimer

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