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There is nothing in the dark that was not there in the light.

Tommy Jon Sentieri
Have you seen Tommy?

Alexander Napoleon Crocket
Rick's schizophrenic twin brother, Tommy Sentieri
"I took this photograph just before escaping an alien spacecraft !" Slick Sammy.
The following article is written by Wicked Sarah.
I was walking along the pier when I saw what looked like a wet noodle falling from very high in the sky. When I looked closer I saw that it was Slick Sammy! I ran to where he was falling and pulled out my red bandanna and stretched it out. Luckily the bandanna broke Slick's fall. After Slick caught his breath he informed me that he had just escaped from an alien spaceship. He went to inform me saying that Alexander Napoleon Crocket had just tossed him out of the alien spacecraft using a small hatch.

"The last I seen of Alexander Napoleon Crocket three alien females were dragging him away! They wanted to mate with him!" Slick said while he licked the air with his long forked tongue.
He also informed me that Alexander Napoleon Crocket is in very desperate need of his medicine. That ever since he ran out of his pills that he has been continuously talking to his shadow.
Slick then had me take his custom made digital camera saying that he took a picture of Alexander Napoleon Crocket while inside of the alien spacecraft. Slick then instructed me to put the picture of
Alexander Napoleon Crocket on the internet and to write this article.
If you know anything on the where about of Alexander Napoleon Crocket please E-mail us!
NOTE: When disillusioned Alexander Napoleon Crocket thinks that he is Tiny Tim. While he sings he will pretend to tip toe through the tulips! Don't let this fool you! He is very dangerous and whatever you do, do not pull his thumb!

Article is written by Wicked Sarah.
Click here to read about the rescue of Alexander Napoleon Crocket from an alien abduction!
Written by Angie Strawberry "A story that introduces you to Baneboken Robanebanoba "Earth's first creditable alien reporter!" NYtime
(Mr. Robaneebanoba is from the planet Iedunno)

Mr Hide, I presume?
This picture was taken by Sara at the MAD-HATTER convention in Burma.

Alexander Napoleon Crocket is playing Mr. Hide in the production of "No Place To Hide".
"No Place To Hide" is an made for the Internet Movie.
In this movie Dr. Jackal is over run by his darker half, Mr. Hide. Knowing he has full control Mr. Hide decides to become a movie director. The film he directs spreads so much uncertainty about reality that mass populations begin to follow their darker side and commit unmoral acts one after another.

Reviews for : "No Place To Hide"
"It is a severe struggle for power within one mind!" LA Morning News
"The reality of this movie clenches you by the throat leaving you breathless." The Silver Moon Chronical
"It's a non-typical Mr. Hide adventure that caused me to urinate in my pants!" Boston World News
"This film slugs you in the gut!" World Wide Web Movie Review

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