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Page 3
Position: Spiritual Guide
Ancient One: "I seek the answers that will allow us to see more clearly into our own spiritually."
Welcome to page 3 of Ancient One's Bio & Investigative Reports.
Before your "Spiritual Gathering" with the Ancient One, Please welcome him in-to your home by down-loading:

Ancient Winds that blow through the soul.
It take a few minutes but it will help you to follow him down the dangerously narrow path into the SPIRITUAL UNIVERSE.
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Page 6: Tips On How Strengthen The Spirit fireplace Page 7: Interview with the Invisable Man, President of the Society of the Mentally Insane
Astral Projection
The natural urge for the spirit to leave the limitations of the body.
Interview by: Ancient One
Ancient One pictured above is wearing one of his Indian soul blankets!
He learned how to make them in a dream!

Ancient One and Count Le Balc´h
Count Le Balc´h:I have been here since the beginning of time! Yes! I am a VAMPIRE.
Photo by Julie Smith
In a recent interview with the Count Le Balc´h, he gave me a new insight on the sleep state known as astral-projection. It is when the spirit leaves the body.
The Count said, "The very core of life cannot be confined. Within the natural sleep cycle the spirit takes a vacation. The spirit has no choice and continuously longs to be break the shackles and chains that bind it to the flesh. It escapes to be free from the body's restraints and to be rejoined into the limitless existence. It is in these episodes where the spirit is rejuvenated.
This longing can be so strong that becomes disruptive. When left unfulfilled it might be in the form of mental trauma or unexplainable physical defect. It may completely immobilize thought processes or hinder body functions. Although this longing can be suppressed by our physical senses it is unnatural for it to be eliminated or denied. If this does happen the body can survive. One of the many penalties for not allowing the spirit to fly free is that the body will miss the joys of life."
"The physical-self is aware that it is only an extension of the true-self and is uneasy with being discarded when used up. This can create conflict between the spirit and the body weakening their bond. When this happens the spirit becomes disinterested in what the body deems to be crucial for existence. This disinterest may lead to sleepless nights weakening the body."
"Flowing together toward destiny the spirit and body remain parallel to one another. They are connected at the point where the body is capable to see it's physical reality and the spirit has no obstacle to do the same."
"However the spirit has some advantages. It has more experience in enticing the conscious-mind. It can use the body's weaknesses by using irresistible day-dreams."
"The conscious-mind seems to have no choice but to obey the spirit's request to drift away from the physical world. Reality is skewed and during theses mind lapses it stunts growth. Overexposed and suspended in this daze eventually disconnects the conscious control of the body. Then the conscious-mind is incompetent to care for the body."
"We know that the spirit is most successful dragging the mind into this daze when the body is tired. We also know that the body invigorates the spirit by being healthy and suppling a safe dwelling. Therefore when the relationship between spirit and body is complimentary they both are less vulnerable to misfortune."
"The more constructive relationship is where they learn how to compliment another. They exchange positive energy and grow strong.
Just as it is the responsibility of the body is to provide a healthy and safe dwelling for the spirit. When governing the mind it is the spirit responsibility to supply forewarning, insight and confidence to equip the conscious-mind to prosper."
"Will we ever know the extent or circumstances of the spirit dominance or why does the spirit hides behind a facade of the unknown? I do not know the why the the spirit allows the body not only to experience the pleasures of the physical-self. Does the spirit suppress it's knowledge unselfishly in order for us to achieve self-actualization? Or dose it even matter because we are just stardust caught in a whirlwind. I do not know any of this! However, it is Rodnoc's quest to find out!"
Rodnoc then continued saying, "The vanity of the conscious-mind lets it to believe that the spirit has no influence on body. It does not comprehend that the spirit allows this misconception. The conscious-mind realizing it does not have the most influence on the complete being may become too confused by the obvious. If this happens then the body becomes jealous of the facts. That the spirit is the life and does not need what the body desires. And that the spirit can disappear at any time to be immersed in a cosmic ocean of tranquil bliss. Leaving the body in the physical reality. However, no matter how deep the body submerges into falsehoods when it comes up for air the truth will still be there."
Finally Ancient One said, "I am still trying to learn through experience how to confirm this. However the physical-self might have a completely different view on how to achieve true-self-actualization."
This is where I kind of lost Count Le Balc´h . Maybe it is because the Count said quite a bit in the first few minutes. His intensity made it hard to stay focused on what he was saying. He did say that he will allow me another interview in the very near future.
Now that I had time to reflect, the first thing that surprises me about, what I think he said, was on how the spirit suppresses the whole inter-vision of what we really are.
Then something happened just as I was going to submit this article to Le Fleur Sauvage, I received several psychic messages from friends of mine (they prefer to remain anonymous). Their messages told me to fly to the Brabur Isles, find Rodnoc, and pick his brain apart.
The next day I caught a flight down to the Brabur Isles for the interview. When interviewing Rodnoc, he began to jump up and down as if he was on a pogo-stick. He tried to communicate with his arms. Flapping at his side his arms resembled patterns of crooked tree branches swirling in a hurricane. The master of the living dead kept switching between rhythmicity spastic melodies from far nomadic tribal cultures to confusing hand gestures that could only derive from a very backward future culture. I also tried to read his natural emanation but his Auras kept changing to colors too fast. Some of the colors I did not even recognize.
When Rodnoc realized that I could not understand him completely, he tried to summarize what he said. Rodnoc curled his hands into two tight fists and bent over. He then grimaced while he filled the air with the scent of strawberries. Rodnoc's nauseating elongated bowel movement, that I did not care to witness, dumbfounded me greatly.
Before I left the island, Rodnoc informed me that no matter how hard he tries to explain about out-of-the-body experiences. It is simply unlawful for him to communicate any clearer. He also introduced me to some Zombies that he believes to be in a continuous out-of body-sate of being. He pointed out that all his Zombies, from the minute they come alive to the day of their demise, their eyes shake back and forth (Rodnoc has a large assembly of nocturnal Zombies that are use as slaves). Rodnoc said that there might be a connection between their rapid eye movements and out-of-the-body existence.
This information reminded me about something I have some prior knowledge of, rapid eye movements or REM. I have read studies and scientific research about dream states where the soul substance leaves the body. By scientific methods it is determined that out-of-the-body experiences occurs during the alphoid stage of REM sleep.
In conclusion I will continue to investigate the alphoid state of REM sleep. It is directly connected with out-of-the-body experiences. Maybe the answers are hidden by the subconscious to save us from being overwhelmed by realities that are more real than our own.
Sometimes my impressions are not translated as coherent as they should.
However, I will try to improve this. I will also continue to decipher what Rodnoc words, body actions and movements were trying to reveal to me. I will inform you as soon as I do this.
Article written by the Ancient One

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