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A unified fellowship suppling a forum for the arts
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Les Fleur Sauvage's Spiritual Guide
Ancient One
Members can contact Ancient one for questions about spiritually.
The Invisible Man tells us how to combat A NIGHTMARE!
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Les Fleur Sauvage's spiritual guide Ancient One is the one who wrote the following article.

The Invisible Man & Ancient One
Picture taken by the Invisible Women.
My interview with Invisible Man
by Ancient One

The Invisible Man is the Dreamscape President of the Society of the Mentally Insane.

I wanted to know so I asked Invisible man,
"how does one combat a nightmare?".
Invisible Man replied,
"First, you must define nightmare.
A nightmare is an unwanted dreamscape in where you are not in control. You have given up the fight to be repossessed by yourself and the nightmare captures your conscious mind. Nightmares consist of unimaginable terror and suffocating fright.
I then asked him, how does most nightmares start out? He then replied by saying,
"During a dreamscape between positive adjustments, your mind relaxes for a moment. Inside of this moment is known to be where most nightmares originate.
Because this is the moment when you are not looking for any meaning or reason to be, you are just relaxing. This is also the moment when your mind is vulnerable. Your sleepy consciousness is distracted by lost thoughts traveling in a circle with no where to go.
These lost thoughts weave into your unsupervised mind and then take root distorting your reality. Your dreamscape lays a welcome-mat at the front door of your mind for the nightmare to walk right in."
I then asked the Invisible Man if there is a way to combat these lost thoughts that turn into nightmares.
The invisible Man replied saying,
"In the wilderness of the dreamscape, the nature of things are the same as it is everywhere else. In the struggle to survive, the strong prey on the weak. Therefore, the only way is to strengthen your mind. Combat lost thoughts by stuffing your mind with your own thoughts. Do not allowing any room for them inside of your mind.
If you do not keep your mind occupied with your own thoughts, these parasitic voices will take root and gorge themselves with your sanity.
Ridding yourself from lost thoughts is the best way to combat a nightmare!
The first step is to put your mind-set in the best position before entering your dreamscape.

Here are some guidelines on how to relax and what to say in preparation for floating into dreamscape.
"The Five I Wills'"
While breathing deeply between each of "The Five I Wills'", from within your minds' eye, be very positive and repeat them until your soul substance leaves your body.

I will fly free harmoniously in the dreamscape.

"I will respect the dreamscapes' wishes to leave all the earthly problems behind.

I will not let thoughts control my destination or purpose.

I will not let thoughts try to disillusion me in taking the easy way.

I will be steadfast and strong forging ahead with all my might to seek out my own path. Because I know that the answer is in me."

The Invisible Man then add to what he said by saying,
"The Five I Wills' will give you strength and they will also help you in your physical state as well.
I then asked him about the articles he has wrote about,
"Lost thoughts and the mentally insane."
Then Invisible Man said,
"In times like these lost thoughts in the minds of people are very infectious and spreading too fast to control. It is reaching epidemic proportions! Mental institutions are being overcrowded! Soon it is expected that over half of people on earth will have some type of mental disorder.
Therefore, my colleagues and I have discovered a dreamscape therapy in which mental patients have regained their sanity.
We have scientific documentation on the curing hundreds of certified mentally insane patients, and the numbers are growing. We help them to take back their own life by having them memorize "The Five I Wills'" and by having them relearn how to cultivate their own thoughts.
You see most insanity sets in when you begin to listen to thoughts that are not your own. Then you gave them life when you dragged these lost thoughts from the dreamscape into your physical world. The longer you continue to listen and carry out nightmares in your physical state the more difficult it is to shake the illness from your mind. This sickness grows like a fungus and it does not take long for these lost thoughts to darken the mind.
However, you can always take back what is yours and one day you will. The one thing to remember that when you have yourself back you will held responsible for all your actions. The reason for this is that you knew that the thoughts were not yours and you still let them control you. It is like if someone told you to "Go jump in the lake" and you did.
So if this applies to you. Swim to shore and learn from your mistakes. Live your own life with guidance by your own thoughts. Take advantage of every single day to grow stronger. Use this strength to look your challenges in the eye and to give you the courage to overcome them all. The road to self-realization is long and winding for us all.
In closing, I would like say what has been said all along.
It is not the destination it is the journey."

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