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Ancient One

Ancient One with Rodnoc
Picture taken by Hellcat
This picture was taken at the Queens Ball the same evening Ancient One was knighted by the Queen Of England for his spiritual healing powers.
Long ago, back in the mysterious Dark Ages, Ancient One had cured the Queen's court.
The Queens Court had everyone running scared because they were be-heading all the free thinkers of the time. The Queen had Ancient One look into the problem.
The Ancient One found out by watching the Court while they made their murderous judgements and he realized that the Queen's Court's conscious judgement had been greatly affected by dream paralysis. Their minds had become so under-nourished and too weak to fight off the parasitic lost souls of the abyss. These unwanted entities took refuge inside every mind of the Queens Court and they derive sustenance by feasting on their sanity.
Ancient One had a difficult time removing these entities from the Queen's Court but was eventually was successful.
Article by Julis Smith

Page 1 of Ancient One'e stories of out of body experiences

Page 2: Ancient One's Hobbies and Goals Alantis Page 3: Ancient One's Dream State Interview With Count Le Balc´h & Rodnoc

Page 4: Ancient One's & The Queens Court documents Page 5: Ancient One's Out Of The Body Experience

Page 6: Suggestions On How Strengthen The Spirit fireplace Page 7: Interview with the President of the Society of the Mentally Insane

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A unified fellowship suppling a forum for the arts
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Le Fleur Sauvage
Kenosha, WI
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