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Ancient One Spiritual investigator.

An out-of-the-body bummer!
Written by The Ancient One
This out-of the-body experience bummed me out! It happen to me when I was sleeping in a closet over at a friends apartment.
I got up out of myself and began to walk down the hallway. To move at first was very painful. I also felt like a rubber band was attached to the back of my head that keep trying to pull me back to my physical-self. The apartment also was not exactly the same as it was in my body's' dimension.
I managed to walk through the door and I began to walk down the hallway.
While looking ahead I saw two friends, who had passed away years before, sitting on the living-room couch talking to another. It was still very difficult to move but I continued toward them up the hallway. At first, seeing them see me, startled me. I did not know how to respond to my inner feelings until they spoke to me. I listened to them and then took their advice by completely relaxing my mind.
My friends were happy to see me however, they were disappointed that I had been living my life the way I was. They told me to stop blaming myself for everything that is happening in this world and just to enjoy life. I told them to stop worrying about me and for them to do the same within their existence.
We talked for a while but they began asking me too many questions about things I did not think that was any of their business. I eventually got tired of them and just to get away from them, I told them that I wanted to explore our shared dimension.
Deciding to take myself down to the pool and lay in the sun put me at ease.When it got too hot I looked at the glistening water and it invited me to jump in. So I did.
After swimming for about one hour it made me hungry. So, I got a bite to eat (a triple stacked cheese burger) and was just about to go check out a concert when someone tapped me on the shoulder. It was I. I had a disappoint look in my eyes, because I wanted to do, of course, what I wanted to do and so I woke up! That's how my out-of-the-body experience ended. It really bummed me out because I wanted to continue it!

Written by: Ancient One

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A unified fellowship suppling a forum for the arts
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