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Embrace the ones you love before they are gone

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Rick Sentieri

Picture taken before Rick performed at the Bon Scott Memorial Stadium, on 3/4/98"
Over 200,000 were in attendance and the band did a scorching 13hr show!
(They played until they passed out).

"At Bon Scott Memorial Stadium, on 3/4/98 on a stage that took 785 years to build, and that is still considered the best performance stage in this hemisphere, Rick Sentieri gave a performance that the nations of the universes will never forget!" Universal Music Magazine.

At this show Rickwent bizirk and a tad crazy. He came out on stage dancing around like a ballerina and then he wiggled like a snake lying down on the stage. During a somewhat faster version of "Elephant King, Rickclimbed up the 100 foot speaker system and as dove into the audience! Ricknever missed a line and when he made it back to the stage he continued to dance like a ballerina. Rickalso brought out a fireman's hose several different occasions to cool off the audience.

"For thirteen straight hours, song after song, he sang his heart out all night long and the band played on." The World Daily Chronical

This world's biggest event ever was listed in the 1999 this universe's record book for the most people to participate in a soccer type game that uses a small sack filled with beads called a "hacky- sac".

"After Rickhas a few LOOK OUT!" Far Out International Magazine for the Mentally Insane

Rickpersonal assistant was arrested for inciting a riot! Because when she ripped his shirt off all the women in the stadium got naked and bum-rushed the stage! From underneath a pile of naked drunken women I can still hear Rickshout out "LOVE ME".
Bon Scott Memorial Stadium

If you look left of the center of the picture you can see CREEPY CARL!
He is the one wearing the black and white checkered flannel shirt. If you don't know who he was, he was a rode for the band until he became too much of a drunk. CREEPY CARL had it made! Mat-Rat let him stay at his trailer and never charged CREEPY CARL for food or rent! How does he pay back Mat-Rat? CREEPY smashes a large steel ash tray on Mat-Rat's head while Mat-Rat was sleeping. Creepy Carl not then stole all of Mat-Rats collector coins worth over a trillion dollars!
During the riot CREEPY CARL was crushed by the naked women who had climbed onto the stage trying to to get to Rick Sentieri!

Other notes about this performance:
Duece-Ex's lightman, Mr. Up Chuck, had to wear bandages on his fingers for a weak after the show. His fingers were severely bruised and cut-up because of the thirteen hours of flicking power switches.

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