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One morning Cindy Frey called me up and said, "Rick wanna go to an ACDC concert?" I wonder why she asked me until she picked me up. She sat in the front seat along with the driver and I sat in the back with her friend. On the way to the show the driver sang songs to her. I never heard any of these songs. To this day still haven't. It was nerve racking for everyone in the car. She look back at me every now and then to roll her eyes. When we got to the show me and the two girls ditched the driver and went up to the front row. The babies was the back up band and the crowd would of thrown them off the stage if it wasn't for the hot back up singers. This one of two times I was privilege to see Bon Scott. After the show me and the girls picked up full liquor bottles and headed out. Leaving the concert area a bouncer wearing brass knuckles grabbed me around the neck and said "where do you think you're going?" I thought I was dead meat. But then some other guy who wasn't looking where he was going ran into him. The bouncer turned around releasing me. The guy who bumped into him squared off in a karate pose. The bouncer too out his walkie talkie and said we got Bruce Lee over here I need backup. I didn't sick around. On the way home Cindy and her friend sat in the back seat with me.

Rick Sentieri on MY SPACE
Singer and harmonicaman
In this picture Hector, the hawk from hell, is trying to snatch Peanuts (the mouse) who hiding in Rick's hair.
This photograph was taken at night with my new night vision camera!Photograph by Julie Smith
Rick has took it upon himself to protect Peanuts and as you can see it is not easy!

Poetry written by Rick Sentieri

Rick was in the heavy metal music bands, Rapid Fire and Deuce-Ex.
Rick has played his harmonica with Buddy Miles, Peewee Haze, and with many other local bands in Kenosha WI!

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Land of no Right Rick's latest piece of work completed on 1/4/00
Rick's favorite link? Shiva
Pictures and a day in the life of Rick in a demo-derby
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